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Do You Need Braces Quiz - Columbus, OH

Find Out if You Or Your Child Should Get Braces

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About 4.5 million people are currently wearing braces in the U.S.—should you or your child be one of them? We’re all about providing answers that help people smile at Shirck Orthodontics, so if you’re considering orthodontic treatment, we recommend taking a moment to complete our “Do You Need Braces Quiz.” You can fill it out for yourself or provide responses that apply to your child. By the end, it will let you know whether or not you should give us a call.

1. Has your dentist recommended you get braces?

A. No. B. Yes.

Often, the first person to notice alignment issues in the teeth and bite is someone’s dentist. If they think a patient might need braces now or in the future, they will likely suggest they visit an orthodontist.

2. Did you suck your thumb growing up?

A. No. B. Yes.

While thumb sucking is relatively harmless for babies, if a child continues the behavior past age 3 or 4, it can negatively affect the development of the teeth and jaw.

3. Do you have any problems biting or chewing?

A. No. B. Yes.

Crooked and gapped teeth can make these basic actions painful or awkward. A bite that doesn’t line up correctly can cause the jaw muscles to strain and overwork, or large spaces can lead to gum irritation while chewing.

4. Do any of your teeth overlap?

A. No. B. Yes.

Overlapping teeth are not only a clear sign of crowding, but they can also create small spaces that trap plaque and bacteria that cannot be adequately removed while brushing and flossing, increasing the risk of cavities.

5. Did you lose any baby teeth before age 6?

A. No. B. Yes.

Premature loss of baby teeth before age 6 can lead to the adjacent teeth shifting into the gap, which can then cause the permanent teeth to come in crooked or become impacted (trapped within the gums).

6. Did you still have baby teeth after age 12?

A. No. B. Yes.

On average, a person should have all of their permanent teeth (except their wisdom teeth) around age 12-13. If your baby teeth were still around then, this could point toward developmental issues that could be resolved by braces.

7. Do your upper or lower teeth stick out?

A. No. B. Yes.

Overbites and crossbites are two common types of malocclusions, or “bad bites.” In addition to negatively affecting the appearance, they can cause speaking and chewing to be more difficult, plus they can make the front teeth more susceptible to injury.

If you answered “Yes” to ANY of the questions…

…then there is a good chance you could benefit from braces!

It’s easy to get started at Shirck Orthodontics, as we offer a FREE in-person consultation for all prospective patients. Simply give us a call or book through our website, and we’ll give you an exam, go over your options, and discuss any other details so you’ll know exactly what to expect throughout treatment. This could be the first step toward your newly straightened and beautiful smile! Contact us today, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.