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Traditional Braces – Richardson, TX

The Trusted Solution for
Straightening Teeth

Whether someone has crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth (or all of the above!), traditional braces in Richardson, TX can be relied on to create a perfectly straight and functional smile. While Dr. Jones often recommends them for younger patients, they’re able to help a lot of adults as well who have more severe orthodontic issues. Thanks to her experience as a board-certified orthodontist, you can trust that you or your child’s treatment process will be smooth, comfortable, and end with gorgeous results. To get started on the road to a new smile, we invite you to schedule a FREE consultation today.

Why Choose Richardson Orthodontics for Traditional Braces?

  • Only Female Board-Certified Orthodontist in Richardson
  • 16 Years of Experience Creating Winning Smiles
  • Dental Insurance Accepted, 0% In-House Financing

Braces Basics

Teen boy with braces

You probably saw many of your peers with braces growing up, and they still basically work the same way these days! Two wires placed along each row of teeth are used to apply slight pressure to move them into their desired positions. To keep these wires in place, they are attached to brackets that are bonded to each tooth. While braces of the past were notoriously bulky and irritating, today’s braces are much smaller and more subtle-looking, but they are still as effective as ever.

The Benefits of Braces

Teen girl with braces and her mom smiling together

When people think of braces, many consider them to be a purely cosmetic treatment. While straightening the teeth can certainly improve someone’s appearance, this isn’t the limit to their potential benefits. Straighter teeth also tend to be healthier teeth!

When the teeth are crowded and crooked, this can create small, hard-to-brush spaces where plaque and bacteria can become trapped and eventually cause cavities. Properly aligned teeth are much easier to clean, meaning orthodontics can actually dramatically lower someone’s risk for both cavities and gum disease!

In addition to the teeth, braces can also help correct a misaligned bite. Once again, in addition to enhancing someone’s appearance, this can also help with their oral function. When the bite comes together as it should, actions like eating and speaking become much more comfortable. This can also prevent and/or fix pain related to a strained jaw joint, which may be the underlying cause of headaches and neck aches as well.

And lastly, braces can also provide a reliable confidence booster. Feeling self-conscious about crooked teeth and a less than perfect smile can weigh heavily on someone regardless of their age. But, once the braces come off and a patient’s new smile is revealed, our team can instantly see the change in someone. When a patient feels great about their teeth, they are more likely to engage socially and feel comfortable around new people, which can be tremendously helpful for both children and adults!

Customizable Brackets

Closeup of smile with tooth-colored orthodontic brackets

With traditional braces, patients have a little room to add their personality into their treatment. The rubber bands used to hold the wires in place come in a rainbow of colors, and they are switched out every few weeks at adjustment/progress appointments. This means a child can choose their favorite color or even have their braces match the season or their school! For adults, we can provide clear or white elastics so the braces easily blend into the smile.